Conan gives away VR headsets for Comic-Con

Everyone is getting in on the act: check out what Team Coco is doing for their boss Conan and his late-night antics.

This Summer Conan360° returns when Conan touches down at Comic-Con® for a week of shows packed with sci-fi, superheroes and other awesome nerd stuff.

And to make sure YOU experience Conan360° to the fullest, we’re giving away a limited number of Conan360° virtual reality (VR) cardboard headsets.

That’s right, just slip any compatible iOS or Android smartphone running the Team Coco App inside this sweet block of cardboard, and you’ll be magically transported to the very center of the late night action!

[UPDATE 6/29/15: Requests are now closed! Visit for all Comic-Con updates.]

Important Health &‚Äč Safety Information For Users Of “Conan360° VR”

When using Conan360° in Virtual Reality (VR) mode, be sure to take frequent breaks. Immediately discontinue using Conan360° VR Mode if you experience dizziness, discomfort, nausea, disorientation or eye strain.

Persons under 18 years of age should not use Conan360° VR Mode without adult supervision.

Do not use Conan360° VR mode while walking, driving, or in places or situations where distraction could lead to injury. Do not operate motor vehicles or heavy machinery immediately after using Conan360° VR Mode.

If you have had or could be prone to seizures, consult a doctor before using Conan360° VR Mode.


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