Senior Citizens


End Senior Isolation and loneliness  with


  • 30-minute Virtual Reality Headset session in the comfort of Senior's home 
  • Fun: Seniors talk, laugh, move about/explore, & play games: it's like a new, tireless body doing physical activity in a social setting
  • Convenient: Each Senior participates from his/her respective living space
  • COVID-free: Sanitized VR Headset
  • Stimulate: Exercise cerebral connections and stimulate memories while creating new ones

               “My father LOVED it! We’re both fans!”

               “A million times better than doing a computer screen Zoom. And I'm serious - a MILLION times better.”



Activities for Seniors :

Relaxing Travel Videos Sparklers
Twirling batons Roasting marshmallows
Trivia quiz Snowballs
Velcro ball dart game Fireworks (mild)
Funhouse reverse mirror TicTacToe



Read the Academic White Paper that studied our methodologies: 

  1. Intervention Development on geriatric population ages 65 and older using virtual reality technology




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